Has TNT decided to bump "The Last Ship" from its usual summer schedule for Season 4? Reports say that the show will now air in the fall as executive producer Steven Kane said this was a "programming decision."

Back in April, TNT announced that production for "The Last Ship" season 4 would be stopping indefinitely and the show won't likely hit its original scheduled premiere after Memorial Day. Reports stated its lead star, Eric Dane been struggling with a personal issue.

"He suffers from depression and has asked for a few weeks of downtime and the producers kindly granted that request,” the rep told People.

“He looks forward to returning.”

Eric Dane's status

Weeks after producers of "The Last Ship" confirmed the delay, Eric Dane's wife of over 13 years, Rebecca Gayheart, posted an old photo of herself and her husband for #mancrushmonday. Fans of the show also expressed their support for Dane on social media and many said they cannot wait to see the show back on the air. Some viewers, however, expressed that the new time schedule for "The Last Ship" could affect its ratings.

In its summer schedule, the show always had a comfortable following. It's been one of the Top 10 summer shows on basic cable since its first debut in 2014. In its new fall schedule, however, it will be in heavy competition with other series.

"The Last Ship" earned a season 4 renewal back in July, as well as a season 5 renewal. Thus, it's guaranteed to be on television until 2018 with 10 new episodes for each season.

Season 5 production and casting news

Despite the delays, "The Last Ship" will be filming back-to-back with season 5. The show recently added "Melrose Place" actor Thomas Calabro as Gen. Don Kinkaid. Viewers, however, won't see his character until the fifth season, which will be on air in 2018.

"The Last Ship" is based on a novel written by William Brinkley.

Its focus is on the crew of the USS Nathan James as they try to survive in a new world where 80 percent of the world's population had been wiped out by a virus.

Eric Dane leads the crew as Capt. Tom Chandler. The series also stars Adam Baldwin as Capt. Mike Slattery, Charles Parnell as Chief Petty Officer Russ Jeter, Travis Van Winkle as Lt. Danny Green, Marissa Neitling as Deputy Chief of Staff Kara Foster Green, Bridget Regan as former Navy Intelligence Officer Sasha Cooper. Rhona Mitra was also an important figure in the show's first two seasons as the scientist who discovered the virus cure.