"The Flash" Season 4 paraded a new look for the series during the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con. The CW's hit series is still months away from returning to the small screen but the fans were delighted to get their hands on some major spoilers during the Comic-Con panel. According to Variety, the titular character will be dealing with a slightly different villain in the upcoming season, depicting the fight to be between the fastest man alive vs. the fastest mind alive. Additionally, "The Flash" Season 4 will take a slight turn towards a lighter and funnier season, which can be considered as a breath of fresh air compared to the previous season.

During the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, the main cast of "The Flash" Season 4 was present, including executive producer, Todd Helbing. Compared to Season 3, the upcoming season is expected to be less dark and will feature more light moments among the cast. It could be possible that the showrunners might have taken the cue from the successful run of "Spider-Man: Homecoming," where the usual superhero story became a light comedy sprinkled with action. Helbing himself admitted that they really tried to make the next season a lighter atmosphere and bring more jokes to make up for the dark-themed Season 3.

More light moments and a shot at romance

Jesse Martin also gave some meaningful "The Flash" Season 4 spoilers which were mainly about Joe and Cecile's romantic relationship.

He teased that the spark between the two will get more serious in the upcoming season so fans better be prepared for some lovey-dovey scenes.

"The Flash" musical episode was also mentioned during the Comic-Con panel, and it seemed like it won't be the last for the series. Aside from interesting novelties and changes incorporated in the series, Todd Helbing also announced the arrival of new characters in "The Flash" Season 4.

Danny Trejo will be joining the series together with Kim Engelbrecht, who has been cast to play the role of the newest female villain.

Iris West for Team Flash

Since Barry Allen decided to enter the Speed Force to save the Earth, Team Flash has been left without a leader. According to Variety, Candice Patton revealed that Iris West will be taking the reigns from Barry Allen and will step up to be the new leader of Team Flash.

Iris West's leadership is a make or break for Team Flash and when Barry Allen decides to return to the team, there might be tension after he sacrificed himself and left his team alone. "The Flash" Season 4 will be returning to the small screen on Oct. 10.