Performer Michael David Adamthwaite has been working as an actor, writer, voice-over artist, and teacher for almost two decades. Michael has hundreds of projects to his credit in both movies and television and he has even worked with household-name companies including Disney. Yet his biggest break as an Actor happened in 2017 when he secured a role in the major blockbuster hit, “War for the Planet of the Apes.”

Michael is currently enjoying the experience of being part of an A-list film and he is also working on writing and developing numerous original scripts while working on his very first book.

Michael recently discussed all of these creative endeavors and more via an exclusive Interview.

Acting, characters, and A-list films

Meagan Meehan (MM): What prompted you to get into acting and approximately how many roles have you played?

Michael David Adamthwaite (MDA): I started acting as a kid, I have always loved performing. My first screen job was BBC’s “Little Lord Fauntleroy” I was maybe eleven. Telling stories was always something I enjoyed being a part of. I think I’m up around two hundred, give or take.

MM: What characters have you found most compelling and what kinds of roles do you enjoy playing?

MDA: Every character is compelling in a way, all characters, no matter how small drive the story.

Every project offers its own unique brand of challenge. But characters that require motion capture offer the most fun for me. I have a pretty wide range of dialects and voices. I usually start from there.

MM: How did you get involved with "War for the Planet of the Apes”?

MDA: I auditioned in Vancouver, I had only a few minutes with Director Matt Reeves, then I did my best to embody the energy of the directions I’d been given.

I didn’t even know Luca's name. Everything was secret, which made it even more challenging.

MM: Can you tell us a bit about the character that you play and what you find most appealing about the role?

MDA: Luca is Caesar's loyal gorilla lieutenant. Captain of the Guard, and the one in charge of the safety for the ape troop. What I found most appealing about Luca was his ability to serve so loyally and with such intelligence.

Like a good friend it's hard to know when to step in, when to stand aside, and went to simply pick up the pieces. War is hell, and the pieces are usually covered in blood.

MM: What was it like to work on a major movie such as this one?

MDA: I have the good fortune of being experienced in this area. A major film set has the same requirements as a small theatre production. It's simply a matter of scale. Time and money are also factors, but all in all any production should have the same goal. Pay the most respect that they can to the audience, the story, the characters, and the performers.

MM: What sorts of neat behind-the-scenes stories do you have from your time on the set?

MDA: There were so many wonderful on and off set moments during the shooting of this film.

It's hard to peg down any one in particular. Although I do remember one day shooting out in the snow, we had been riding all day. And during a break we noticed that Steve (Zahn) had all kinds of horsehair attached to his suit... if only he'd had a saddle. We split our sides laughing.

Entertaining, performing, and future projects

MM: What have been some of the greatest experiences you've had regarding your fans and overall experiences as an entertainer?

MDA: Interaction with fans has always been one of my most coveted prizes as an actor. The chance to stand or sit or have dinner or share a drink, with people who appreciate your work as a performer and who feel genuinely compelled to share a story with you.

Whether they loved the effects or about how your character, or that situation, or the overall arc of that one story helped them in some way; resolve something in their lives, address some unanswered question, or even just entertained them. It's always really humbling to connect with fans. I'm very glad to be in a position to touch people’s lives in a creative way. To share and love and teach through story.

MM: What is coming up next for you regarding projects and events?

MDA: This year has already yielded some really great projects to look out for. You can catch me in “Hard Powder” starring Liam Neeson, "VanHelsing," and "Altered Carbon," to name a few. As well as the return of some much-beloved cartoons! Oh, and I just want to mention one other thing…Andy Serkis deserves an Oscar!