Joseline Hernandez was a self-proclaimed 'Puerto Rican Princess' on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Hernandez is moving onto other endeavors after quitting the Reality Show. The reality star was spotted outside talking to Stevie J, her baby's father in part 2 of the season's reunion. She seemed to be very angry with the executive producer of the show, Mona Scott Young.

It was alleged that Hernandez and Young had an argument about a mix with Hernandez coming in as a guest on the "Wendy Williams Talk Show." Hernandez was not going to be a guest representing "Love and Hip Hop," but was coming in solo.

It was alleged that Hernandez felt betrayed by Scott and then went on a rant on Twitter.

Hernandez allegedly claims that she is the star of the show. After watching the show for many years, I can say that Hernandez was my favorite star on the show, as her personality was original, it was also blunt. She alleges that she has other entertainment deals on the table and companies waiting to book her. Who knows if this is true or not?

According to a recent report by Hollywood Life, who cited a Facebook live interview with Complex, she "left to focus on what it is that I want to do for my life.That’s doing my music, that’s doing my acting, my producing, and raising my kid," she said.

Will you miss Hernandez?

As the Hernandez exit from the show is still quite new, fans don't know how will this all play out in the show’s next season. Are the other stars going to mention her name? Nothing has been made clear yet. Will she eventually clear everything up with Scott and end up making guest appearances? What about Hernandez fans?

A question that is in the minds of some fans is, will the show continue to have great views?

There is no doubt that Hernandez will be starring in a television show or new movie soon. She is still young and has a very big future ahead of her. She should not allow this show to hold her back from continuing to follow her music and entertainment career.

What is next for the Puerto Rican princess?

While she was on the show, her main priority was concentrating on her music career. She sings and raps and Stevie J produces her music. She has had video viewing parties while on the show. She has a very blunt and honest way about her, so she is bound to find something in entertainment that she can do.

We will all miss Hernandez on the "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" show, but get ready for the new stars and drama that might come in to replace her. Maybe people will gain a new casting star to like. There has been no mention of who this new casting member will be.