Wally West might take on Barry Allen’s mantle as the scarlet speedster in “The FlashSeason 4 if the set photos are any indication. The images show Kid Flash dressed in Barry’s red suit.

Major spoiler for Season 4

New set photos have arrived while filming for the installment continues in Canada. Images from Canadagraphs may have hinted at one major spoiler when it comes to who takes over Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) as The Flash. Leaked photos show Wally West aka Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) not dressed in his usual yellow speedster outfit. Instead, he is in Barry’s red and gold suit.

Is Kid Flash the new scarlet speedster?

Does this mean Wally takes over Barry as The Flash in Season 4? It will be understandable if this happens since Barry is still in the Speed Force. Wally will be doing the scarlet speedster a favor if he does become The Flash since the people need someone who can protect them from the threat of the metahumans. Likewise, Barry had entrusted Central City to Wally in the Season 3 Finale.

Kid Flash had vowed to do his best to be the city’s protector.

Storyline for "The Flash" Season 4

Interestingly, these photos of Wally West in Barry Allen’s speedster suit coincide with DC’s “Rebirth” story. In the comics, there are two versions of Kid Flash: one is dressed in Wally’s usual yellow suit while the other is a much older version and wears the red suit.

Perhaps the installment is indeed taking inspiration from the “Rebirth” storyline in The Flash comics for its premiere episode, which curiously is titled “The Flash Reborn.”

Keiynan Lonsdale on whether Kid Flash takes over Barry Allen in “The Flash” Season 4

However, the photos contradict what Keiynan Lonsdale said about his character’s fate in the upcoming season.

He hinted that Wally West remains as Kid Flash and that Wally does not become the scarlet speedster. Lonsdale said that his character still has a lot to learn about his powers. Kid Flash still has a lot of growing up to do before he can assume Barry’s role. The actor added that Wally has his path to take and that may not be heading towards becoming The Flash. “I feel as though there is so much story to tell and Wally has so much growing to do. I’d like to see that journey continue,” Lonsdale told Newsweek.

Regardless, it would be interesting to see Wally West take on the mantle as the scarlet speedster when Season 4 opens. The installment is set to return on Oct. 10 at 8 PM on The CW.

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