Jay-Z and Beyoncé's marriage has been a topic of interest for many years. Ever since the elevator incident, fans have been suspicious about cheating in the marriage. When Beyoncé released "Lemonade," the secret was out. Jay-Z cheated on his wife of 9 years several times. The artist has now addressed this in his new track "4:44."

Jay-Z admits he cheated on his wife

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Jay-Z and Beyoncé marriage. Rumors of Jay-Z's cheating began to unfold when his wife released "Lemonade." The song refers to another woman she calls Becky with the good hair.

Jay-Z has recently released a new track titled "4:44" in which he addressed these rumors. Throughout the lyrics, one can get a very clear admission of guilt from the husband.

In the song, Jay-Z admits to having threesomes behind Beyoncé's back. He also refers to "Becky," the woman Beyoncé brought to the world's attention with "Lemonade." Jay-Z opens up about his infidelity stating that his life with Beyoncé was not one hundred percent Honest. He said that Beyoncé did not deserve him and that he should have been focusing on his wife and their children instead of cheating on her. The pair has been married for nine years, but the rapper did not comment on how long he has been cheating on his wife for.

The song is an apology

Since the rumors of cheating have spread through the media, Jay-Z decided to make "4:44" as an apology to his wife. It is a public way of acknowledging what he has done. He apologizes to both his wife and children in the track and holds himself responsible in the eyes of the world. This is certainly a grand gesture from the father of three but one has to wonder will it be enough?

It appears that the couple is still strong in the midst of Jay-Z's admissions on the track. According to LA Times, Jay-Z first played the track for Beyoncé before it saw its release. This means that the singer apparently approved of the efforts that her husband was making for their marriage. Beyoncé has recently given birth to the couple's twins.

Jay-Z has recognized that one day when his kids are older, they will listen to the track and know how their father cheated on their mother.

The track includes several footnotes. These footnotes were written by Jay-Z. One of them compares trying to hold on to his marriage and being shot at when he was living in the projects. He stated that holding on to his wife was much scarier.

There has been no comment from Beyoncé about the track. The mother is busy with her newly born twins while the world has been listening to her husband's admission to cheating on her. It is unknown as to whether or not the couple is staying together for the sake of their children.