Nicki Minaj is a worldwide famous performer. The star has thousands of dedicated fans and, on Monday, she threw them for a loop. The famous rapper started her own pregnancy rumors by posting the emoji of a baby to her Twitter account. She has not confirmed whether or not she is pregnant but her fans are convinced that baby Minaj is on the way.

Minaj sends fans into frenzy

Nicki Minaj has sent her loyal fans into a frenzy after posting a baby emoji to her social media. The star has teased her fans with a pregnancy in the past. In February of 2017, she wore a fake baby bump. On Monday night, the 10 of July the star posted a baby emoji on her Twitter account.

There has been no further comment from the star and fans have been dying to know if there is a little Minaj on the way.

Fans have been asking the star if the self-started rumor is true. Others have been congratulating her and welcoming her child into the world. Minaj has replied by liking these specific tweets adding fuel to the fire. Fans are certain this means that the rapper is pregnant with her first child. The last time Minaj released such news she posted that she was going to wait to tell her fans but couldn't wait any longer.

Fans have been speculating that Nas is the father of the baby. However, the news has not been confirmed so all of this can simply be taken as mere speculation.

The singer has baby fever

According to Hollywood Life, Nicki Minaj is not pregnant.

A source close to the star has stated that the emoji was released because the famous rapper desperately wants to have children. Minaj has been candid in the past about how she would love to be a mother. It appears that her desires have grown stronger as of late. According to the source, Minaj's friends have recently become parents and the rapper got a flavor of how the kind of life with kids would be like.

Nicki is currently dating Nas and confirmed that the pair is in a steady and committed relationship. However, according to The Hollywood Gossip, Nicki does not intend to marry Nas anytime soon. Nicki believes that a baby combined with her and Nas' genes would be very talented. The rapper has explored the idea of using Nas' sperm to have a child. It is unclear as to whether or not her lover would be involved in the life of the child if this were to happen.

As of yet, there has been no further commentary from either Minaj, Nas or their representatives. It is possible that Nicki Minaj could be having a little fun with her fans. Regardless, everyone will be keeping especially keen eyes on the artist in the upcoming weeks, just in case, she is actually pregnant.

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