The Flash” season 4 will finally introduce a nemesis unlike any other. Showrunners are now giving out more information on how Clifford “The Thinker” DeVoe can affect things in the upcoming season.

Meet the fastest mind alive

After San Diego Comic-Con last week, fans got a glimpse of “The Flash” season 4. The cast and producers sat down with fans and media outlets to discuss bits and pieces about the upcoming season. The discussion was centered on the new villain named Clifford “The Thinker” DeVoe, Comic Book reported. It seems that not being a speedster is not the only thing that’s different about the new villain.

“We've reimagined ‘The Thinker’ in a way that he can interact with speedsters and Vibe and Kid Flash and Joe in ways that,” Todd Helbing tried explaining to Cinemablend. Helbing tried one more time by saying that “The Thinker” has the ability to be involved and not be involved at the same time. It may sound confusing but there may be a way of breaking down what The Thinker could be bringing in the next season.

Who is The Thinker?

Todd Helbing may be hinting at The Thinker in the comic book, rather than describing specifically his mental powers according to some speculations. From his words, it’s possible that Clifford DeVoe may be getting a switched identity, similar to Adrian Chase’s role in “Arrow” season 5.

That being said, the creators could mean that The Thinker has been reimagined to make his character fit into “The Flash” and “Arrow” storyline.

However, Russ Burlingame dug in the from Cinemablend explained that The Thinker was created in 1943, becoming one of The Flash's earliest villains. He is originally an enemy to Jay Garrick, but later on, DeVoe battled three generations of Flashes before his death in "The Flash" #134 in 1998.

After his death, his brain patterns were used to create an AI that later prompted him to transform into an antihero.

‘The Flash’ vs ‘The Thinker’

The Flash” season 4 will pick up six months after the defeat of Savitar. Fans will see how Team Flash struggles with the loss of Barry. Wally West will put on the iconic scarlet suit but it seems that speed won’t be an effective weapon against the brilliant mind of Clifford “The Thinker” DeVoe.

As confirmed by Todd Helbing, this season will focus on the proverbial “Brain vs. Brawn” rivalry.

Todd Helbing said that they wanted to do something different for this season. He noted that they had three speedsters in a row already. So that made them create a rivalry between the Fastest Man Alive and the fastest mind alive.

“The Flash” season 4 will roll on October 10, 8 PM ET at The CW. Check out the new trailer released during San Diego Comic-Con.