Justin Bieber made headlines after he canceled the last leg of his massive world tour, but this didn’t come on any whim apparently. In fact, reports are claiming that the “Sorry” singer called Selena Gomez right after he made his controversial decision.

Justin Bieber open communication with Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber stunned everyone when he decided to pull the plug on his “Purpose” tour last month. He initially said that he’ll be taking some time off for himself and so the remaining 14 shows were canceled. However, not without some deep introspective apparently.

In fact, Bieber allegedly called Selena Gomez several times after making his unexpected decision, Seventeen reported.

According to a source close to the “Sorry” singer, communication is still open between the ex-lovers especially in trying times. The insider added that Bieber wanted to spend time with old friends and rest.

Justin Bieber’s mental state

Meanwhile, an update about his overall well-being was reported by PEOPLE recently. According to its insider, Bieber is feeling better already. This comes after he penned the emotional message to his fans, talking about the real reason for canceling the remainder of the tour. While he feels really bad for disappointing his fans, he feels that he made the right decision.

The “Purpose” tour is his first concert after the long hiatus from his music career. In his open letter, the 23-year-old expressed his desire to take charge of his life and his health. After the announcement of the canceled tour, Bieber is usually spotted hanging out with his church crew. He seemed to have actively sought spiritual guidance and has started to embark a spiritual journey.

Justin Bieber spotted in the same event with ex-girlfriends

While some fans took the news of Bieber calling Gomez as a sign that they are patching up, another news will make it more confusing. Bieber was spotted attending the ZOE Church Conference, which Gomez and another popular girlfriend also attended according to Teen Vogue

Last Saturday, he was spotted in the three-day event featuring concerts and his popular exes were also in attendance, Gomez and Hailey Baldwin.

The three of them posted snaps on their respective Instagram accounts. As expected, fans were quick to spot the three of them in the same event.

However, reports are unclear whether or not, Gomez and Hailey knew of Bieber’s presence at the event. Although reports are saying he keeps in contact with Gomez, the latter is rumored to be dating The Weeknd.

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