The Bachelorette” culminated Monday night with rachel lindsay giving out her final rose to Bryan Abasolo among the three gentlemen. They are now happily engaged and viewers can’t wait to know more about their coming marriage.

The wedding plans

Now that Rachel Lindsay has overcome the difficult decision of choosing her husband-to-be, her fans are eagerly waiting for the wedding bells. “The Bachelorette” 2017 star and her new fiancé, Bryan Abasolo sat down with E! News to talk about their plans after the show. For starters, this is the first week that the couple has gone out publicly with their relationship.

Abasolo proposed to Lindsay twice during the “The Bachelorette” 2017. He popped the question first in Spain while they were filming the finale and once more during the live telecast. While the whole world witnessed their engagement, the couple admitted that they are not rushing into anything. When asked about their wedding plans, Rachel carefully answered that they are still waiting and thinking.

While nothing concrete has been planned out, Lindsay expressed her own desire to get a winter wedding next year. More so, she would like to hand over the planning to somebody else.

Life after 'The Bachelorette'

Meanwhile, an exclusive interview with People revealed that Abasolo concedes with what Lindsay has in mind.

The wedding may take place end of next year or early 2019. Aside from this, the reality stars also discussed having children. “I like three. She wants four,” the doctor from Miami said.

Right now, the couple is deciding where to settle in. That’s a bit of a problem since the 32-year-old lawyer is based in Dallas, Texas. However, they both agreed they love L.A.

and both aren’t fans of long distance. It remains to be seen if they will choose L.A. instead.

At this time, the couple is spending time in each other’s hometown. The couple will reportedly have an engagement party in each city, starting in Dallas first. Then, they would spend some time with Lindsay’s family before going to Houston to meet her extended family.

After which, they are off to see Abasolo’s family in Miami.

How Rachel knew Bryan was the one

Surprisingly, Lindsay knew Abasolo was the one even though she loved Peter Kraus. Lindsay admitted that the chiropractor has always been the frontrunner. As such, the Texas-based lawyer gave the doctor the hardest time seeing his potential.

However, Lindsay confessed that she knew he was the one when she defended Abasolo in front of her family. The couple previously enjoyed clandestine dates since they got engaged three months ago.

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