Overnight dates for "The Bachelorette" 2017 will give rachel lindsay a chance to spend extended one-on-one time alone with her three finalists. Spoilers for the show indicate that the Fantasy Suite dates will happen in Spain, which will include Bryan Abasolo, Peter Kraus, and Eric Bigger. They'll have one final chance to make a lasting impression on Rachel before she decides who will be in the finale.

Twist in overnight dates this season

According to Reality Steve's "Bachelorette" 2017 spoilers, the episode featuring overnight dates will have a different twist.

Normally the lead doesn't have her family meet the finalists until after the Fantasy Suite dates, but the final three men will venture to Dallas to meet her family following the hometown episode. Apparently, things are different this time because Rachel's sister is pregnant, making the family's journey to Spain for the final rose ceremony more difficult. So, this time the lead's family will meet the final three instead of the final two. Bryan, Paul, and Eric will fly to Spain for overnights with Rachel after meeting her family.

According to Steve's "Bachelorette" 2017 spoilers, Bryan met Rachel's family first, then it was Peter, and Eric third. The episode was shot in an undisclosed location since it's thought that Rachel Lindsay's father is a federal judge, and it was done in this manner for his protection.

The home her family will be in is a $3.5 million house that was on the market.

Once all three get acquainted with Rachel's family, they fly to Madrid, Spain for overnight dates. What actually happens during overnights isn't revealed by Steve in his spoilers. Cameras are turned off in the Fantasy Suite dates after a brief time with each couple is aired for fans to watch.

It's never disclosed if the lead and finalists sleep together unless someone leaks what actually took place. Otherwise, it's one of the few private places producers and cameras are absent from during filming.

Who gets eliminated?

Eric is eliminated following overnight dates. The final two men for Rachel will be Bryan Abasolo and Peter Kraus.

Rachel will have quite a choice to make between two men she has strong feelings for, and who both have hard-to-please mothers. Paul's mother didn't get along with the woman he last broke up with and Bryan's mother made the threat that she'll "kill" her if she doesn't make her son happy.

"The Bachelorette" 2017, Episode 9, will air Monday, July 24 on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.