Actress Jodie Whittaker was tapped to take on the role of the thirteenth doctor in the “Doctor Who” series. This marks the first time that the lead character will be a female. BBC announced the news on Sunday via their Twitter account. The minute-long video showed the new lead initially walking through a wooded area, then stopping to reveal that she has the key. She then takes off her hood and the camera pans to her eyes, seemingly hinting that the next Doctor is not a man. Whittaker's face is finally revealed and she walks up to the widely popular Tardis.

Jodie Whittaker excited to play role

The actress said in a statement that she is beyond excited to begin her journey, which she believes will be epic. She noted that she is also excited to work with the new producer of the BBC show, Chris Chibnall, and bring to life the character that Whovians love. Whittaker also said that it is more than an honor to play the role, adding that “The Doctor stands for: hope.” The actress has worked on a lot of movies and TV shows, including "Broadchurch," "Attack the Block," "Black Sea," and "One Day," among others.

Chibnall talks about the decision to cast female lead

Chibnall is the new executive producer and head writer for the series. Chibnall said that he always wanted the thirteenth doctor to be a woman. He praised Whittaker’s audition for the role, noting that she blew them all away. Chibnall also referred to the actress as “in-demand, funny, inspiring, super-smart,” who they believe will make the thirteenth Doctor a witty, strong, and warm character, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Peter Capaldi has a message for Jodie Whittaker

Peter Capaldi, who has been the doctor since 2013 and took on the role of the twelfth doctor, said that Whittaker is a wonderful actress who has “great individuality and charm.” He said that he believes Whittaker will be a fantastic doctor. Variety also reported that Capaldi, who replaced Matt Smith as the doctor in the series, said back in January that it was time for him to move on from the “Doctor Who” franchise.

Fans happy about announcement

The fans of the “Doctor Who” franchise are happy about the announcement from the BBC. One fan said that Whittaker should not be referred to as the female doctor because she is the doctor. Another said she will be able to buy her five-year-old niece “Doctor Who” merchandise now that the woman is not a companion, but the doctor herself.