"The Bachelorette" 2017 is getting down to the wire. There are only four men left, and rachel lindsay will be forced to say goodbye to one of them after this week's hometown dates. The latest spoilers for the Monday night's all-new episode reveal that Rachel will have some very interesting encounters when the four men take her home to meet their families.

Bryan's mother is serious about his love life

According to E! Online, Rachel will find herself in an awkward situation when one of the men's mothers threaten her. The new preview for the episode reveals that Rachel Lindsay will be in Miami, Florida with Bryan Abasolo and his family when Bryan's mother will get very protective of her son.

Bryan's mom tells Rachel that if her son is happy, then, she is happy, but if he's not happy she'll "kill" the "Bachelorette" star. It looks like Rachel will have some possible mama drama on her hands if she chooses to give Bryan her final rose and things don't work out.

Hometown dates go well for Rachel and her men

Meanwhile, Rachel Lindsay will also go home with the other three men, Peter Kraus, Eric Bigger, and Dean Unglert. It seems that Peter's mom will drop a bombshell about the fact that he may not be ready to settle down and get married, which will likely take Rachel by surprise. Meanwhile, Eric's family will be very playful and fun, while Dean's dad will surprise a lot of people with his beliefs and lifestyle.

However, in the end, one of the men will have to go, and "Bachelorette" spoilers reveal that Rachel will be forced to make the hardest choice of her journey so far and eliminate a man she has a lot of feelings for.

The hardest elimination of the season is coming

Hollywood News Daily reports that Rachel Lindsay is set to eliminate Dean Unglert after the hometown dates, and it seems like a crushing blow after "The Bachelorette" contestant took Rachel home to meet his father when he was so worried about doing so.

Dean may believe that his family had something to do with the elimination, but in reality, he may just be a bit too young for Rachel, who is in her 30s and looking to settle down and start a family.

Fantasy suite dates approach

This means that Bryan Abasolo, Eric Bigger, and Peter Kraus will be Rachel Lindsay's final three men, and they'll get to go to the fantasy suite with "The Bachelorette" for overnight dates if they so choose to do so.

Things usually get pretty heated during the fantasy suite dates and another man will be eliminated, leaving Rachel with her final two men and the biggest decision of her life for the big finale in early August.