"The 100" is a popular post apocalyptic series that premiered its first season in 2014. The series was developed and adapted for television by Jason Rothenberg. It was based on the book of the same name by Kass Morgan. "The 100" follows a group of teenagers known as the 100 who were sent down from space to Earth to see if the planet had become safe for human kind after a nuclear apocalypse. The finale of season 4 saw some of the characters make it to a space shuttle with the hope of getting back to their space station. However, show protagonist Clarke was left behind.

The trailer for Season 4 of the series was released at Comic Con and shows Clarke is still alive years later.

Years have passed since season 4

The trailer for Season 5 of "The 100" was released recently as San Diego Comic Con. According to TV Live, the trailer has confirmed the time jump between season 4 and season 5. It is estimated that 5-6 years have passed since Bellemy and the others escaped to space. The biggest change over the past six years is that the characters did not have to face war. This allowed them to develop in ways fans may not anticipate by the time the 5th season returns.

For example, the character of Clarke no longer has to be a leader type. Her life, out of all of the characters, has changed the most as she is now a mother to a young child.

It is assumed that Clarke's daughter is not her biological daughter but instead a young child who she found and raised. Her daughter's name has been confirmed as Maddie and she is a night blood.

Other changes that the fifth season brings to the series is that characters Monty and Harper may not be together anymore. "The 100" has welcomed character Echo as a series regular and Raven is working on a way to get everyone up in space back down to Earth.

There has been no comment on whether or not the gang in space assume Clarke is dead and it will be interesting to see how this is explored.

The cast talk about the changes their characters will face

According to Hypable, Bob Morley, who plays character Bellamy has stated that the time his character spends as a pacifist will be a great change to his character.

Bellamy was one of the characters to escape to space at the end of season 4. Now, up in space he no longer has to be a leader or a warrior. Morley stated that viewers may find the shift more startling than some of the other changes as Bellamy adapts over the 6 years.

Furthermore, Elizabeth Taylor, who plays Clarke Griffin, is excited by the prospect of the time jump. She has stated that the six years will give Clarke the time to deal with everything that has happened to her. A sixth season of the series has been confirmed.