The 100” fans are understandably annoyed. The show wasn’t on again this week, and it’s left some confused about when it will be back. Is this a sign that “The 100” Season 4 is doomed? Well, considering the show has already been renewed for season 5 that’s definitely not the case. Here’s the truth about the hiatus.

There are spoilers in this article!

‘The 100’ is on its midseason hiatus

Like all shows, the dystopian future show is taking a short break. Fans are used to it around the winter period, so it does seem a little odd for “The 100.” This is around the midpoint of the show, and it’s likely that there is still some editing needed to finish off the last few episodes.

The good news is that the break isn’t too long. The program will return to the CW on April 26 with an all-new episode. That means just three weeks until fans find out what will happen to Clarke now that she’s injected herself with nightblood. Right now Clarke has opted to become the next test subject to find out if they’ve created the only defense they know against the radiation. However, Abby chose to destroy the radiation machine to prevent her daughter potentially dying.

Why the CW chose now for a break

There is one simple reason for the break at the moment: spring break. The American children are off from school and networks expect there to be a lull in ratings. Rather than try to ride through it, the CW has chosen to take the show off the air just temporarily.

Other shows, including “Arrow” are also having a week break here and there. “Supernatural” just returned from its month-long March break.

Another reason is to pull out the episodes into May. This is a popular time for all shows to air a season finale. While “The 100” is a midseason show, it is one of the most popular on the CW network outside of the DC shows—hence the show getting a 5th season confirmed just weeks into season 4!

May is also important for the Neilson ratings. The company will take a look at the official ratings in May to assess how popular a show is, and the information is often used to determine renewals, cancellations, and future air dates/times by the networks. This is also completed in November, February, and July, so it’s important for shows to air during these months.

“The 100” season 4 will return on April 26 with episode 8 DNR.” Use the three weeks to catch up on the last seven episodes and see where Clarke and the gang are with the radiation sweeping Earth. Tune in at 9pm only on the CW.