"The Gifted" is an up and coming new series created by Matt Nix. The series is based on the universe of the X-Men and is connected to the movies. "The Gifted" will follow a brother and sister who discover that they are mutants like the X-Men. Their mother and father flee with their children as the government is making efforts to destroy all mutants. The family then join a group of underground mutants where they must fight to survive. The newest trailer for the series was released at the San Diego Comic Con. Casting includes such actors as Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Sean Teale and Jamie Chung.

The premise of the series

"The Gifted" follows a pair of siblings. Lauren and her younger brother Andy are two high school students who discover that they have strange abilities. However, unlike the days where the X-Men were celebrated, the world has now changed their view on the mutants. In this universe, the government is successfully attempting to rid the world of mutants. This effort is helped by the children's father, Reed, played by actor Stephen Moyer. Once the father finds out about his children's abilities he decides to throw away his job, placing his family as the most important priority.

He flees with wife Kate and his two children. Reed calls up a mutant by the name of Eclipse and asks for his help to get his family to safety.

Eclipse is a mutant, but as the trailer shows, these are not members of the X-Men, although they exist in the same world. Luckily for the family, Eclipse and two of his comrades agree to help bring them to safety. In a world where mutants are hated, this coming together of the characters is in the best interest for their mutual survival.

Expanding the X-Men universe

"The Gifted" gives fans of the series another view at the life of the mutants in the X-Men universe. The movie franchise has largely seen the X-Men characters succeeding in their tasks and coming together as a revered community. However, "The Gifted" shows a dual side to this as mutants are looked down upon and are being locked up by the government.

Viewers of the show will see another perspective from the eyes of both mutants and non-mutants as the Strucker family struggle to survive.

According to The Verge, "The Gifted" will somewhat line up with the movies as they are all based in the same universe. It will be interesting to see what elements the show runners include in their attempt to continue the legacy of the X-Men.

"The Gifted" will be premiering on October 2.