"Doctor Who" Season 10 has only just come to an end, but fans are already looking towards the future. The future they're looking at is just a short six months away, with the Christmas special 2017 the focus. Fans want to know how Peter Capaldi and David Bradley will react to each other on the screen. However, the news of two former companions joining for a goodbye to Capaldi has made the news.

Will Clara and Bill both return to 'Doctor Who'?

The current news is that Clara Oswald and Bill Potts are likely to reappear as The Doctor regenerates into a new form.

Right now, Capaldi's Twelve has decided that he isn't going to regenerate. He's fed up of constantly being someone new and is ready to end it all. Of course, Bradley's First Doctor doesn't believe that The Doctor will do something like that. Bradley has taken on the role since the original First Doctor William Hartnell is no longer with us.

It wouldn't be uncommon for former companions to come along to say goodbye to incarnations of The Doctor. Billie Piper returned when David Tennant left the role, while Karen Gillan returns to say goodbye to her Doctor, Matt Smith. Clara and Bill have both been important to Twelve's journey, so it makes sense for both of them to come back to say the last goodbye.

And yes, technically is is a "comeback" for Bill Potts. After her life as a Cyberman had come to an end in the Season 10 finale, she decided to leave the Doctor and go on a journey of space with Heather.

Nardole is also expected for the Christmas special 2017

Fans of Matt Lucas' Nardole won't have to wait too long for the character to come back.

Nardole, who was a gift from River Song, is expected to return to say goodbye to his Doctor. However, the character is not expected for Season 11 of the show, which will see new showrunner Chris Chibnall take the reins.

Nardole and Bill may not appear in the current day. It is possible that the two characters will come into the "Doctor Who" Christmas special as flashbacks.

This could also be the case for Clara, as actress Jenna Coleman is currently working on Season 2 of "Victoria." Coleman plays the role of the iconic British queen, VIctoria, in the series.

There are many rumors at the moment about the future of "Doctor Who," along with location changes for filming. Right now, it is unknown just what Chibnall's plans are for the future of the BBC Sci-Fi show. Most of the focus is on the "Doctor Who" Christmas special 2017.