"Suits" Season 7 will be here before we know it, premiering in July. While we're extremely excited about the upcoming episodes, some fans will need a quick refresh of the end of season 6. Here's a look at everything you need to know about the upcoming season to get you ready for the season 7 premiere. Are you excited to see your favorite characters back in action?

Rachel is sticking around for 'Suits' season 7

For fans worried about Rachel leaving the show, she will be in the seventh season. Many fans worried that Meghan Merkel would step away, after her relationship with Prince Harry was revealed.

It turns out that the actress has no plans to walk away from the show right now.

Rachel is now officially an attorney in the show, rather than a paralegal. She will spend her time working cases and likely acting as a buffer between Harvey and Louis. We could also see her relationship with Mike change, as they now work in the same office in the same roles.

Mike is coming back to work

This has to be the biggest news of the season. Mike is returning to the law firm, now legally a lawyer. After he went to jail for fraud, there were many questions over his future (and the future of the show). Rather than see him unemployed and disgraced, Jessica stood up for him and managed to get him his law degree.

This will change things, as he is planning on taking more pro-bono cases. His mentor is now also the managing partner of the law firm, rather than just a senior partner to report to.

Donna needs something more

We've loved Donna from the start but for the first five seasons, her character stalled. In "Suits" season 6, she finally took the steps to gain something more, only to learn that as a secretary she was never going to be taken seriously.

Disheartened but still fighting, Donna will look to the future and plan her next moves. Is it possible that she will work her way up the legal ladder now that Harvey is managing partner?

Louis needs to handle yet more rejection

Louis made a big decision last season, telling Tara that he knew all about Mike and his fraud. Unfortunately, telling the truth hasn't worked in his favor.

Tara has left him and he is now brokenhearted. Just what will that do to him? It will be difficult when he doesn't have Jessica around and Mike is now back demanded a bigger paycheck and Harvey has a promotion.

"Suits" season 7 will begin on July 12. It's setting up for an exciting season, as relationships and positions change within the law firm.