Jack Abbot has been trying to get back at Victor Newman ever since Victor hired Marco to take Jack's place on his honeymoon with Phyllis. Spoiler Alerts indicate that Jack is now making some bold moves, that will re-instigate the age old feud between the Abbots and the Newmans. This is both one of the highlights and also one of the low points of "The Young and the Restless." Jack and Victor are formidable opponents, but their loved ones get hurt when they are fighting.

Jack believes his manipulations will be successful

In Jack's mind, his manipulations are giving him the upper hand against his nemesis Victor.

Jack has been a friend to Nikki as she was having marital issues with her husband. After the benefit concert, Jack took her to the Abbot cabin so she could think things through. Dina told Jack it was wrong of him to be spending private time with a married woman. She warned him there could be trouble with Victor, unaware that this is exactly what her son desires.

When Nikki returned home, she told Victor their marriage was over, and then went straight to Jack's office to alert him to her decision. Nikki sealed the deal with a kiss which was seen by Abby and has placed herself right in the middle of the family feud. Jack knows that if he continues to spend time with Nikki, it will infuriate Victor, so he is going to make sure Mrs.

Newman is by his side as much as possible. If they have an affair it will be even sweeter revenge.

Jack has another plan that will cause problems for his arch enemy

In addition to seducing Nikki, Jack has another plan that he is sure will cause problems for his arch enemy. On Friday, Jack told Ashley that he is considering hiring Cane Ashby at "Jabot".

Cane was fired by Victoria and is in desperate need of a job. Jack realizes that Cane has the insider information he can use in order to instigate a corporate buyout of "Brash and Sassy." Jack is believing that as a disgruntled employee, Cane will want to get back at Victor Newman's daughter for letting him go. Jack will sacrifice Victoria in order to kill 2 birds with one stone.

If Jack Abbot takes over "Brash and Sassy," he can fire his brother Billy, thus getting even with his sibling for sleeping with his wife. And if he hurts Victoria by taking her company, he is also sticking it to her dad Victor in the process. Jack is self-absorbed and not realizing that his niece and Victor's daughter Abby is caught in the middle of the Abbot/Newman war. Abby has been trying to broker peace between her families for years but it has been in vain. Now her uncle will throw her under the bus in order to get even with her father.