The fundraiser for MS was a success, but afterward, Victor Newman's daughters descended into their mode of sibling rivalry. Abby threw a drink in her sister's face which caused Victoria to fall. Spoilers hint that the bump on the head may have long term repercussions. "The Young and the Restless" is famous for plot twists. Could this one be what will bring Billy running back to his ex-wife's side?

Sibling rivalry between Abby and Victoria

Victoria and Abby Newman have a bad case of sibling rivalry. The daughter's of Victor Newman almost never get along.

Abby feels inadequate around her big sis whose mother is Nikki, the love of Victor's life.

Victoria often treats her half-sister like a she is a novice by giving advice Abby did not ask for. Victor's first born daughter comes across as condescending with an "I told you so" attitude whenever Victor's baby girl makes a mistake.

Vicky was very critical of Abby when it looked as if the benefit concert might be canceled. At the end of the night, they two women were arguing when Abby threw a drink in her big sister's face. Victoria was caught off guard and fell backward onto the floor. Other than a headache she seemed to be alright. Eagle eyed viewers, however, realized that something was up and there was a reason for the fall.

This could be the door that leads to a Billy-Victoria reunion

On Friday,as Abby was apologizing to her sibling, Victoria began to have ringing in her ears, and her sister's words were muffled. Spoilers reveal that this week on "The Young and the Restless" Victoria Newman will collapse.

This will no doubt cause Abby to feel more alienated, and reinforce her belief that she is the screw up in the family.

Victoria having lingering issues because of her fall could also open a door for a reunion with Billy.

If Victoria's bump on the head turns out to be serious, her former spouse will come running and Phyllis will be jealous. If Vicky has to be going to the doctor and having tests done, her ex-husband will have to spend more time with his children.

Billy may even volunteer to help around the house or go with his ex-wife to her appointments. And Phyllis will not be able to say Vicky is crying wolf if there is medical evidence to validate she has a serious issue.

Let's hope Victoria does not go blind or become incapacitated for Billy to realize he loves her and only lusts after Phyllis. The Newman family drama has kept Victoria's mind off of her ex-husband lately.

Viewers of "The Young and the Restless" have not forgotten that she told Nick a few months back that she did want Billy back in her life. A medical crisis would be just the thing that opens a door to reunite these two.