The Walking Dead” recently released a new trailer for their eighth season and many believed that because the last frame showed Rick Grimes gray and old, everything that happened from season 1 to 7, and those that would happen in season 8, were all just a dream. It could be remembered that he was stuck in a coma when the apocalypse broke out and was left at a hospital but reports said that the last frame is not Rick waking up from a coma but a time-jump to when he is older.

AMC revealed the first trailer for the hit series’ upcoming season and it had so many things going on.

The first scene showed Negan back in the picture and the other remaining characters such as Carl, Daryl, Rosita, Maggie, Michonne, Carol, Morgan, Tara, and Jesus among others. In one of the many scenes showed, Rick gathered everyone together and urged them to prepare for battle against Negan and his team.

What the buzz is about

Many were already happy and excited about the first part of the five-minute long trailer. However, after the famous “The Walking Dead” logo was shown, the camera focused to a cane. It seemed like it was at a hospital because there were flowers and the vibe was hospital-y especially when the camera panned to Rick. The older, grayer version of Rick stared straight to the camera and this made everyone freak out, Comic Book reported.

Fans took to Twitter to say that the series was all just a dream as they buzzed over the possibility that the theory of many regarding Rick possibly waking up from a coma for the last season could be the plot that creator Robert Kirkman decided to follow. However, Kirkman ruled out that rumor in the past years and multiple reports also said that it is actually a flash forward or a time jump.

This would be the first look at Rick as an older person, which fans could infer from as him surviving the All Out War against Negan’s team and living a longer life fighting the apocalypse.

Comics’ plot offered time jump storyline

It could also be noted that “The Walking Dead” comics did offer a time jump after the war against Negan’s team.

The time jump in the comics was two years and during that time, Rick would be injured. His leg will get broken and this explains the cane in the last scene of the new “The Walking Dead trailer. Per the comic, Rick will be using a cane for the rest of his life.

However, Vanity Fair reported that Kirkman said during the panel at the San Diego Comic-Con that Rick will not make it until the end in the comics. It is unclear if his death will also be shown in the TV show. The Walking Dead will be back on the small screen this October.