"Sense8" was one of the most celebrated original series on Netflix, not only because of its interesting plot but also because of the diversity of the characters. When Netflix announced that it won't be renewing the series for another season, fans were clearly disappointed to see their favorite series end.

According to Los Angeles Times, the streaming company made the announcement on June 1 and reiterated the announcement a week after. Although the fan base of "Sense8" is not quite as big as other Netflix shows like "13 Reasons Why" or "Stranger Things," they are still so passionate about the series and have been pulling all stops to make the streaming company change their mind.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the fans have been very vocal in expressing their disagreement and disappointment with the streaming company's decision to cancel "Sense8." Online petitions were reportedly launched in an effort to make their voices be heard.

Netflix tries to appease fans

Amid the online petitions to renew "Sense8," it appears that Netflix is standing firm on its decision to cancel the show. However, they are tittering on the edge of a compromise as they gave the fans a message that the 2-hour "Sense8" finale will be a happy ending.

Additionally, it appears that the fans of "Sense8" aren't the only ones who feel bad about the cancellation. "Sense8" co-creator, Lana Wachowski, is reportedly feeling down in the dumps, too, and she has even written a letter to express her thoughts and feelings about the matter.

In the letter, Wachowski admits that she fell into pretty serious depression upon hearing the news of the cancellation.

She also shared that she was bombarded with emails, calls, and texts from friends and fans asking her if there was something she could do stop the cancellation. Lana Wachowski admitted in the letter that there was nothing she could do to change the situation.

A great show with a small, yet passionate fan base

Many have been wondering about the reason why Netflix has decided to cancel "Sense8." The burning question may have been directly answered in Lana Wachowski's letter, in the part where she said that Netflix actually loved the show but the numbers have always been challenging.

Unfortunately, the fan base of "Sense8" may not have been enough for Netflix. That said, the fans will have to come to terms that "Sense8" cancellation is really pushing through, but Lana Wachowski has appeased the fans by saying that there will be another two-hour special to be released in 2018.