The signs have been there all along. The brilliant and diverse Netflix series, "Sense8" has been canceled after two seasons. Apparently, fans are not happy with the outcome, with some speculating that the lack of season 3 promotional materials meant that it is in big trouble. Nowadays, Reed Hasting's Entertainment company is cracking down on failing shows, somewhat reminiscent of an actual TV network. But what exactly happened to the Wachowski sisters bold and kickass series?

Conflict of interest

Cindy Holland, VP of original content at Netflix, confirmed the news via the company's press blog.

Last week, Baz Luhrmann's drama, "The Get Down" was also canceled. Season one of the musical series had an estimated budget of $120 million. Luhrmann downplayed the cancellation and cited personal conflict as the main reason for the eviction. But Netflix head honcho, Reed Hastings told the crowd on Thursday's Code Conference that it was not able to generate its expected viewership. Is it possible that "Sense8" might have also run into the same problem?

Judging from how Twitter exploded with angry tweets from thousands of users, that may not have been the case. Several people are quite upset with the cancellation, especially to Wolfgang and Kala followers who felt robbed with the sudden removal of the show from Netflix's lineup.

So what actually happened behind the scenes?

Currently, the American-based entertainment company has not answered queries to the cancellation. But getting back to the lack of viewership, the show might not have been able to draw high revenue despite its bold and brilliant content.

Moreover, Hasting's might have become more aggressive about cutting its losses, especially with shows that have a big budget. Nonetheless, it still does not give "Sense8" fans justice.

Online petitions

Several fans are putting up an Online Petition on to show that they are eager to see season 3 of "Sense8." To date, 179,901 supporters have signed the appeal.

Most of them are hoping to see the show back on the TV screen. Others also have called the international company hotline to complain about the sudden cancellation.

The show tells a story about eight characters who are psychically linked. Its theme centers on love, acceptance, and diversity among the world's different cultures. It also shows LGBT equality among other things. It's unfortunate that Netflix was not able to see the show's message, something that is hard to find in today's current political atmosphere.