"General Hospital" is only going to be airing only three times during this upcoming week. The holiday falls on Tuesday and many companies are giving their employees a four-day weekend and the network decided to follow suit. Both Monday and Tuesday will have encore "General Hospital" episodes air and Wednesday will resume regularly scheduled programming. With the show already being off a few days, this is going to through off cliffhanger Friday.

James DePaiva arrives

It was announced a few weeks ago that soap-favorite James Depaiva would be joining "General Hospital." There was some speculation that he may appear as a doctor who helps Sam (Kelly Monaco) with the headaches and visions she is experiencing It appears that his first air date is this week after Jason (Billy Miller) convinces Sam to get some help.

She reportedly is not going to be completely honest about the severity of her issues and help isn't going to come as easily as fans hope.

It seems that health is going to be the focus on "General Hospital" this week. The tension between Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Jordan (Vinessa Antione) has been apparent since Aunt Stella (Vernee Watson) appeared in Port Charles. Their relationship was recently called off, but a reconciliation was supposed to take place. As it turns out, things aren't going to go smoothly and this may change the course of things for quite some time.

Aunt Stella falls ill

According to She Knows Soaps, Aunt Stella is going to have a health crisis. Jordan is going to be forced to sacrifice her happiness for the health of her former family member.

Curtis will be forced to take care of his Aunt Stella during her time of need and Jordan will have to take a step back. This is disappointing for fans who have shipped the couple for several months now. There are rumors that this storyline will tie into a longer stint for Vernee Watson on "General Hospital."

With all of the happenings being announced for "General Hospital" this week, it seems that the next few months will be mindblowing for fans.

Steve Burton (formerly Jason Morgan) confirmed his return. This was something no one saw coming and after five years, it is happening. It was announced that Rebecca Budig was let out of her contract and will be exiting the soap within the next month with rumors of her taking someone else along for the ride. "General Hospital" has plenty of surprises in store and this week seems to be just the beginning.