A lot of "Sense8" fans were shocked and disappointed with Netflix's announcement that it will not be renewing the series for another season. It looks like the supernatural Drama Series is only one of the many series that are set to be canceled by the streaming giant.

According to reports, the cancellation of the said series came a week after "The Get Down" was also axed from the streaming service company. It was a big blow to the fans of the sci-fi drama who appreciated it not only for its interesting plot line but because of its significant diversity among its characters.

A series like "Sense8" was considered to be a rare gem and with the streaming company announcing its cancellation, many of the fans are hoping that it will not be the end of the sci-fi drama series.

Along with the Netflix cancellation announcement, fans of "Sense8" have been hoping that showrunners find a way to continue the series on another network. According to reports, chances of the sci-fi drama being transferred to another network is a bit slim, but the viewers are willing to make an online petition to prove their point.

Will Netflix allow a network transfer?

While transferring to another network might be the answer to all the "Sense8" fans' prayers, the move is not as easy as it seems to be.

First of all, the series is part of the Netflix originals lineup, so if the creators of the series, Lana and Lilly Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski, decide to create a third season on another network, it would have to be with the approval of the streaming service company.

However, since Netflix has already announced the cancellation, it might be easier for the creators to get the green light for a network transfer since it would seem that the streaming company has already let go of the project.

Other Netflix originals that were canceled include "Bloodline," "Hemlock Grove," "Lilyhammer" and "Marco Polo."

#RenewSense8 trending

Days before the "Sense8" cancellation announcement, it appeared that one of the cast members, Brian Smith, had an idea of what was about to happen. The actor took to social media to make the #RenewSense8 hashtag trend on Twitter.

This has given the fans an idea and a heads-up on what was looming for the next days to come. According to reports, the cast of "Sense8" felt sad that the series had to be included in Netflix's drive to have a higher cancellation rate and minimize the hit ratio of the streaming company. As of writing, the creators have yet to give a statement about the possible network transfer for "Sense8" season 3.