Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato were almost reunited last Monday, July 17. The stars both took part in We Day, the hour long special which looks at ongoing issues around the world. Gomez, who previously presented the show, was asked to present again. Lovato performed on stage along with giving some empowering speeches to the youth. While fans were delighted to see the pair in the same space, unfortunately, the pair did not perform together. However, both artists gave solid performances and gave inspirational talks to the audience.

What is WE Day?

WE Day is a special one hour telecast that is organized by CBS.

The aim of the show is to raise awareness for social issues around the world. The third installment of the series premiered this Monday on July 17. The show was presented by singer and actress Selena Gomez. According to Billboard, the star stated that the aim of Monday's show was about positivity and inspiration for future changes that will benefit human kind. She stated that its a place where people who want to make a difference can go and exchange ideas.

The WE Day special also included performances from artists such as Gomez and Lovato. Guest stars also featured on the show such as new artist Alessia Cara and the likes of STOMP, Alicia Keys, DJ Khaled, Tyrese Gibson, The Muppets and much more.

Many issues were discussed at this years WE Day. Discussion turned to important issues such as poverty, homelessness, inner city violence, education and more. These celebrities helped to raise this issues as they gathered together on this one long special.

Gomez and Lovato both performed

Selena Gomez presented the show and also performed for the audience.

She brought a strong message of empowerment to the audience which totaled 16,000 people. Selena stated that it was up to the future generations of the world to help solve the issues our ancestors have created. Demi also gave a speech and shared her hopes and dreams for the future.

According to the Daily Mail, Gomez and Lovato were not the only artists that the crowd went wild for.

Celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Laverne Cox also made guest appearances on the show. The audience was greeted with several comedic moments alongside the serious nature of the stars speeches. The atmosphere was one of celebration and empowerment.

The WE Day celebration had fans hoping to see Demi and Selena together. The pair recently tweeted their congratulations to one another over their new singles. The WE Day celebration will return next year with a whole new cast.