Each “Alaskan Bush People” Season 7 episode comes by with few updates regarding Ami’s fight against cancer. As fans know, she has been taking tests and has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer which can easily develop into Stage 4. We also learned that her estranged family is still hoping to be by her side during this trial.

Her brother, Les Branson, has shared with Radar Online that their family is very eager to meet up with the “Alaskan Bush People” star and patch things up. Ami and her mother, Eugene Branson, had a falling out several years ago.

Will Ami reconcile with her estranged relatives?

Les recalls that their last contact with Ami happened during her marriage with Bill in Texas almost four decades ago. The Brown Family matriarch was only 15 years old when she has tied the knot with Bill. Thirty-eight years later, her mother is reaching out to her to reconcile.

However, Ami has not voiced out her side regarding her mother’s intent. But “Alaskan Bush People” fans collectively hope for her to get a change of heart and let go of the pain that’s holding her back from forgiveness.

The elderly mom is more determined to meet Ami

84-yer old Eugene has been calling Discovery Channel to connect with her daughter. She’s been sending her letters over previous years.

Alas, those letters never reached Ami.

Ami’s maiden family is convinced that Bill has been blocking the letters and is the sole person to blame why the gap between the mother and daughter relationship has widened. In addition, they firmly believe that Billy has been controlling her since she left their home in Tarrant County.

Les also reveals that their mom is already suffering from early stages of Alzheimer’s. Therefore, reconnecting with his sister must happen at this time because it might be too late if they delay it any longer.

Ami’s starts treatment

Meanwhile, the “Alaskan Bush People” star has confirmed she started treatment in her tough battle against the late stage cancer.

She is currently receiving medical attention somewhere in the lower 48 states. However, her exact location is being kept secret from the public.

In my previous report – Frail-looking Ami worries fans – we learned that the Browns have already moved out from their homestead in the Alaskan Bush. We also know from the reports last week that the family has traveled through Arizona and is now currently staying in Dolores, Colorado. This information hints that Ami might actually be in the Centennial State.

'Happy Birthday, Noah!'

On the other hand, Noah Brown celebrated his 25th birthday with his fiancé, Rhain. The lovely couple is set to get married in Colorado.

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