People have been laughing about former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer since he was in that position. After his resignation on Friday, July 21, he spoke with Fox News' Sean Hannity about his decision to resign and about the way "Saturday Night Live" has mocked not only him but the entire administration of President Donald Trump.


Spicer didn't hold back when talking about his sudden resignation. He shared that President Trump didn't want him to resign, but they finally agreed on what would be best for the administration. Spicer's resignation came as a result of Trump hiring his personal friend New York financier Anthony Scaramucci as the new communication director to help improve the department.

Scaramucci's very first act on the job was his official appointment of Sarah Huckabee Sanders to become the new White House press secretary.

Up until now, Sanders had been Spicer's deputy and had filled in for him in recent weeks. Spicer said he wanted to give them both a clean slate; therefore, his resignation would be the best way for that to happen. It was reported that Spicer objected to the appointment of the new communication director because he didn't think Scaramucci was qualified for the position. Spicer's resignation comes after six months and one day on the job. He will remain there until August.

Reactions to the resignation

As soon as news spread on Friday about Spicer's resignation, members of Trump's administration, lawmakers, and celebrities quickly commented on the sudden decision.

Through a tweet, President Trump praised him for his work on behalf of his administration and for the country.

Scaramucci, who would have been Spicer's boss, also spoke highly of him. He added that Spicer had done a great job and he applauds his efforts. Vice President Mike Spence considered Spicer a friend and a great guy.

He said he respect Sean's decision to step aside.

From funny to mean

Spicer had been the subject of many jokes during his short tenure. He said the parodies on "SNL" have been funny when they were funny, but often they went from being funny to being stupid and mean. Spicer described Melissa McCarthy's skits about him as crossing over the line.

Now that Spicer is leaving the White House, people are wondering if McCarthy is out of a job on "SNL." During some of the reviews, it was stated that President Donald Trump was appalled that a woman was portraying Spicer.