After yet another week of controversy surrounding White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, rumors of his potential termination began to heat up. With actress Melissa McCarthy returning to host the latest episode of "Saturday Night Live," it was only a matter of time before Spicer was once again the butt of a joke.

"SNL" on Spicer

After Donald Trump's shocking upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, all eyes quickly shifted onto who would be surrounding him in the White House. While many of Trump's selections and hires were met with varying degrees of criticism and backlash, the president's decision to choose Sean Spicer as press secretary was accepted by most.

However, in the four months that Spicer has been on the job, he's found his name in the headlines on more than one occasion, and usually for all the wrong reasons. Spicer has routinely been criticized for his blunders during his daily press briefings, which appeared to reach a fever pitch just last month when he failed to compare Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Adolf Hitler. In addition, Spicer continued to dig his metaphorical grave by claiming that the Nazis never used chemical weapons during the Holocaust, which caused even more outrage. During this time, Melissa McCarthy was tapped to play the role of Spicer on "Saturday Night Live," much to the chagrin of the president. As seen during the May 13 edition of "Saturday Night Live," McCarthy returned to host the show and took a shot at the press secretary in the process.

As she has in the past, Melissa McCarthy took on the satirical role of Sean Spicer, causing barrels of laughs while doing so. Kicking off the segment, a mock version of deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared at the podium to explain why Spicer was not in attendance.

However, Huckabee Sanders was proven wrong as McCarthy's Spicer was caught hiding in the bushes, in a shot at the press secretary reportedly doing so to avoid questions about Donald Trump firing James Comey earlier in the week.

Melissa McCarthy, as Sean Spicer, continued to mock the press secretary by engaging and attacking reporters at the press briefing before leaving Washington after being pressed on his relationship with the president.

McCarthy then traveled to New York City to meet with Donald Trump at Trump Tower in a skit over the rumors that Sean Spicer could soon be fired, which ended in a kiss between the two.

Moving forward

With Melissa McCarthy mocking Sean Spicer on "Saturday Night Live," the press secretary is in the awkward position of not knowing what his future will hold. Reports have circulated in recent days over the possibility of Donald Trump replacing his press secretary after his latest blunder, pertaining to Spicer reportedly hiding in the bushes to avoid the media. While it's unknown how much longer he will be around, Spicer is in the tough spot of working in such a hostile and unpredictable environment.