Hey, “The Strain” fans. Alex and Eph will be very busy constructing a new weapon to fight strigoi in this new Episode 3 of Season 4. Also, an unexpected adversary gives Fet and Quinlan a lot of trouble. There will be a new love interest for Zack. These spoilers are from FX’s press release via the folks at The Futon Critic.

One Shot

This episode was given a very short and sweet title by naming it, “One Shot.” The synopsis begins with the Quinlan and Fet situation. They will be trying to steal a nuclear warhead. Unfortunately for them, they will be met with a startling enemy who will make it extremely difficult to pull off this task!

Who will this surprise enemy be? Will Quinlan and Fet be able to eventually defeat this enemy? Those are the big questions for this storyline. It doesn’t seem like there’s any doubt that this plotline will deliver some very actioned-filled and intense scenes to look forward to.

Eph and Alex

Next, they mentioned that Eph and Alex will have a pretty busy-sounding scene. They say that these two will be heavy at work creating a new weapon that’s especially designed to fight against strigoi. Will this new weapon be as effective as it sounds? That’s the main question for this scenario. We’re definitely going to have to wait around for this episode to air to find that out. It does sound like it could turn out to be quite an interesting storyline.

A love interest

In this last teaser, they revealed some new things that will be going on with Zack. Apparently, romance will be in the air for him! They say that he will find himself a love interest at some point. The obvious question for this plotline is who will this new person be? It definitely sounds like a situation that could bring a little intrigue to the mix.

They didn’t reveal any other details about it. So, we’re currently in the dark as to who it could be. This is another situation that will require us to have to just wait and see. There was also some production credits attached to this press release. They reveal that this episode was directed by Kevin Dowling. The writing team of Bradley Thompson & David Weddle wrote the script.

That’s all the written information that’s currently been released for episode 3. Just like last week, we do expect FX to deliver a new preview clip for this installment after they get done running the second episode later on tonight. You’ll definitely want to be looking for it. It should also show up on Youtube a couple hours after episode 2 is done. If not, it will certainly get posted tomorrow.

Episode 3 is due to hit the airwaves next Sunday, July 30n at 9 pm CT on FX. Stay tuned.