Sean Spicer resigned from his duties as the White House press secretary on Friday morning, July 21, 2017. His job lasted for exactly six months and one day. It was reported that his resignation came after President Trump appointed his personal friend Anthony Scaramucci to the position of communications director. His appointment was pushed by Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. They highly recommended the New York financier for the position.

The president wanted Spicer to keep his job, but Spicer believed the president's appointment was a major mistake, and he emphatically rejected to accept a position subordinate to Scaramucci; however, he has agreed to stay on through August.

New press secretary

Spicer is being replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The 34-year-old successor of Spicer was introduced as White House press secretary by Scaramucci, and on July 21 she held the first on-air briefing since June 29. From now on, she will conduct daily briefings.

Sean Spicer

The president had questioned Spicer's loyalty from the very beginning, and Kushner had grown critical of him. It was reported back in May that First Lady Melania Trump wanted Spicer out of the position because she didn't think he represented her husband the way he should have been represented.

Spicer tweeted that it was an honor and privilege to have served the president and the country. On Friday, he told CNN that he resigned so the president and the new team in the communication office would have a clean slate without his involvement.

Spicer had been repeatedly undermined in his role as the press secretary and was the butt of many jokes on "Saturday Night Live." He was often ridiculed in parodies by actress Melissa McCarthy as a spokesman who often tried hard to gain the president's affection. Spicer made some mistakes on his own while trying to explain and defend the president.

The press secretary used to be a coveted position under other presidents who didn't tweet their own opinions. It used to be the only spokesman for the president and the White House. President Trump often speaks for himself through his many tweets anytime night or day.

Spicer's public role had dwindled significantly in recent weeks.

While he kept his title of press secretary, he had not led a press briefing in weeks. Instead, he had taken over some of the duties of former communications director Mike Dubke, who resigned last May. Now that position belongs to Anthony Scaramucci.