Twilight” star Robert Pattinson revealed that he nearly got fired from his iconic role as Edward Cullen due to his insistence on taking a morose approach to the character’s tone.

Sullen Edward Cullen

While promoting his upcoming film “Good Time” on Howard Stern’s show, Pattinson shared some of his experience during his “Twilight” days. After receiving a copy of the book from the producers, the actor recalled his own interpretation of Edward’s character. The actor said that since Twilight was known to be an “emo” thing back then, he thought that it was supposed to be very serious in tone.

He also added that back then, he thought that if one’s going into a relationship with someone, barely talking to each other is one way to make it intense and that it should be incredibly serious all the time to the point where they can barely touch each other.

Unfortunately, his understanding of the character did not agree with what the producers had in mind. Pattinson said that the book he received had highlighted every single instance where the character smiled. He then said jokingly that he took the same copy of the book, got a different color of highlighter and highlighted all the times the character frowned and everything.

He thought that he was already safe after securing the lead role next to his co-star and former girlfriend, Kristen Stewart.

However, when the producers began threatening to fire him from the role, he decided to leave his version of gloomy Edward behind in order to keep the role.

Robert Pattinson, the porn monger

During the interview, Pattinson also revealed that before landing the career-changing role in “Twilight,” he was a porn dealer in his school and he would steal adult magazines and sell them to his classmates to earn some extra bucks.

The "Lost City of Z" actor explained how he used to go in and take one or two magazines and hide them in his bag. He would do this while he was still in his school uniform. He also added that he eventually got so cocky that he would end up taking an entire rack.

He kept on doing this until he got caught by the guy working in the store.

The guy pulled out all the porn magazines from his bag while the old people around him were watching him in disgust. Then, a few days later, all his friends snitched on him literally all across the board, ending up to Pattinson's expulsion.

Robert Pattinson stars in the upcoming crime drama “Good Time.” It is set to be released in the U.S. next month. There’s no announcement yet for its UK release. You can watch the trailer below.