It's not all fun and games in "Riverdale" - at least that's what the first season proved to the viewers. The dark-themed plot and the shocking turn of events revealed that the series adaptation is indeed a darker, twisted version of the comics. Although the characters have pretty much been the same, especially on the physical aspect, their back story and deep, dark secrets are what sets the series apart from the comics. While there are already a lot of "Riverdale" Season 2 spoilers circulating on the internet, the fans have also their share of predictions and crazy theories.

The first season began with a murder and ended with a shooting incident, so the fans are pretty much gearing up for a more intense season 2.

The first full-trailer was released a few weeks ago, and although it didn't reveal much about what's going to happen in "Riverdale" season 2, it was enough to keep the fans' imagination working. One of the most bugging theories is the worsening of Betty's breakdown.

Betty Cooper's breakdown

In season 1, Betty's Dark Side was revealed and "Riverdale" season 2 spoilers and theories reveal that it's not going to be the last time that the viewers will see "dark Betty." Apparently, Betty has a tendency to embrace a whole new personality, as she called herself Polly and mistook Chuck to be Jason.

It was a really scary scene and Lili Reinhart pulled off the role perfectly, giving the viewers a whole new experience to Betty's character.

Betty's dark side literally took the viewers to a blind spot and can be considered to be a gray area in the series because it wasn't really tackled in the next scenes or episodes. There was no clear explanation or closure as to what transpired during Betty's dark moments, leading the fans to believe that there will be more of that in "Riverdale" season 2.

Miss Grundy's revenge and Josie's climb to fame

Meanwhile, there's another "Riverdale" season 2 theory floating around that Miss Grundy might be returning to town. After she and Archie got caught, Miss Grundy was pretty much out of the picture. However, there was no proper closure for her character and considering that she is potentially a key character or villain in the series, the viewers are expecting Miss Grundy to show up in season 2.

On another note, another femme fatale is about to be unleashed in "Riverdale" season 2. Josie has already established her character in season 1, showing that she will not stop until she gets what she wants or she achieves her goals. According to J-14, things are expected to heat up in the music world in season 2, and Josie might have to use her "claws" to box out the competition.