Do No Harm” documentary by filmmaker Robyn Symon has recently ended its Kickstarter campaign with 857 backers and $131,313 pledges. It will expose how doctors take their own lives for the sake of saving patients. Here are the details of the film.

Silent suicidal epidemic affecting doctors

Doctors experience a frightening phenomenon throughout their career. They spend sleepless nights and years of studying medicine. After taking the Hippocratic Oath, they dedicate their lives to help and save others. However, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention revealed that medical professionals are at risk of suicide.

Among them, physicians have the highest rate.

Indeed, a significant number of doctors take their own lives while doing their noble job in a sick health care system. This situation does not only affect them, but it also puts their patients at risk. The medical community is aware of this situation, yet little has been done to address the problem.

Robyn Symon back in editing ‘Do No Harm’

Two-time Emmy-winning producer and director Robyn Symon is now creating awareness about the medical profession’s dirty secret and the Hippocratic hoax. This will be through the upcoming film entitled “Do No Harm.”

What is the message of the film?

Do No Harm” film carries a message about the alarming rate of doctors’ suicides.

It will reveal its causes as well as its range of victims. The film will also promote awareness about the silent suicidal epidemic and expose the flawed medical culture. This feature-length documentary aims at and yearns for a change. Hence, it targets medical policies, medical schools, training hospitals, clinics, and medical conferences to take action.

“Do No Harm” also exposes the poor treatment that doctors suffer. It will also feature the marathon work and the endless hours of duty that eventually result in sleep deprivation. In line with this, Delicia Haynes, M.D. said that sleep-deprived physicians are under the influence of an epidemic. They have to make life and death decisions in such a state which increases the possibilities of medical errors which threaten all patients.

'Do No Harm' development, preview screening, and release date

In a recent update published on the Kickstarter website, the film has garnered 857 backers who pledged $131,313 during its campaign from June 14 to July 28, 2017. With this, the team is back to editing and will now hopefully finish the documentary.

The movie is slated for an April 2018 release. Meanwhile, its preview screening will be on March 2018 at AMSA’s annual conference. More details will be unveiled in the upcoming New Year about the film's new schedule. Stay tuned for more updates!