Rihanna is an internationally recognized singer. The star has found herself at the end of some Body shaming comments as of late. These comments were posted online by a fan account of the celebrity. The individual also included a video of Rihanna. The singer has responded to this account and appears thoroughly humored by their claims. It is evident that the star truly does not care what other people think about her or her body.

A fan account posted the comments

According to the Daily Mail, a fan account of the singer was behind the body shaming comments directed towards Rihanna.

The account stated that the singer has gained weight and implied that she cannot control how much she eats. The comment referred to Rihanna Robyn Fenty which is her birth name. The fan account also included a video of the celebrity from two years ago. The video was taken in 2015 in a convenience store.

The fan approaches Rihanna in the store and shows the public the food that the singer has in her hands. The individual who is filming the video then calls Rihanna out. They are heard questioning the singer on how she has so much food as she has only been in the store for a few minutes. Rihanna does not reply to this comment but flashes a cheeky grin at the camera. It is clear that the star is well used to this kind of attention and could not care less.

The singer has responded to the account

Rihanna is well used to the media talking about her weight and body. She has dealt with body shamers in the past and this latest incident is nothing new to the celebrity. According to Just Jared, the star responded to the account because she wanted to show her fans that they should always stand up for themselves.

The 29-year-old star responded to the comment about her weight. She left a comment of her own simply saying that someone called her fat. She accompanied this with three laughing emoji faces.

It is clear that the singer does not care about what the public thinks of her. This is not the first time that Rihanna has been under public scrutiny and it certainly will not be the last.

According to Metro, the singer is aware of the need to defend herself in these situations and does not let them affect her personally. Comments about one's appearance such as their weight and style are part of the territory of being a celebrity. It is clear that Rihanna has been in the game too long to let such claims bother her.

The star has made no further comment about the online attack about her weight. She has left the incident behind her and has gone on living her life. The star's reaction received great praise from her fans as she defended herself from this individual.