george clooney and Amal Clooney have two children together. Their Twins, Ella and Alexander have been kept away from the media since their birth. However, paparazzi have managed to take some photographs of Clooney's children and have released them to a French magazine. Clooney did not give permission for these photographs to be taken and as such has threatened to sue.

A picture of the twins was released

According to Hollywood Reporter, a photograph of George Clooney's twins was snapped by a member of the paparazzi. The photograph was taken without either of the parent's consent and Clooney is now threatening to sue.

The picture shows celebrity couple George Clooney and wife Amal each carrying one of their children. The photograph was taken when the family was staying at a home at Lake Como in Italy. The photographs of the twins were released in a French magazine titled "Voici" and have made it online.

The photograph is blurry but fans of Clooney are excited to finally get a picture of the star’s children. Clooney and Amal have not yet released their own photograph of the twins. The pair is outraged that this photograph was taken and released without their knowledge. George Clooney wants to keep his children out of the limelight as much as possible. According to Hollywood Life, the new father is extremely protective of his children and wants them to live a normal childhood away from the media.

The celebrity father makes a statement

According to Vulture, George Clooney has made a statement about the photograph. The father is not happy with the behavior of the paparazzi and has made claims that they had severely invaded the family's privacy as well as trespassing on their property. Clooney stated that members of the paparazzi have scaled the fence to his home and climbed trees in order to take illegal photographs of his children.

The celebrity feels extremely threatened by the presence of the paparazzi and wants to keep the twins safe.

Clooney has taken precautions with the paparazzi before in Italy. When he and Amal first stayed at his Italian home he got two protections from the Italian government. These stated that individuals were prohibited from stopping outside of the house or the area around it.

According to The Hollywood Report, these protections have expired. It is unknown as to whether or not Clooney has reinstated these protections for the sake of his twins.

George Clooney has made no further comment about the incident with the paparazzi. While the star has threatened to sue it is unclear if this is simply a threat of if he will go through with the lawsuit.