Harry Styles is an internationally-recognized star. The former "One Direction" member is pursuing a successful solo career. Recently, a trend has surfaced where fans of the singer want to have his dimples. Thousands of the celebrity's fans are showing up at plastic surgery offices to get a "dimpleplasty." Demand has risen for the surgery as of late, and the public is forking out hundreds for the operation. Harry Styles has not commented on the craze.

Fans want the singer's dimples

Harry Styles is a former member of the boy band "One Direction." Since the band split, the singer has been pursuing his own solo career.

The singer recently starred in film "Dunkirk" by director Christopher Nolan.

According to The Sun, Style's fans are setting out to get his dimples through plastic surgery. Several of his fans are paying for a procedure known as dimpleplasty. The procedure costs £650 and takes approximately 30 minutes.

The demand for Harry Styles' dimples appears to have come out of nowhere. The recent trend has been highlighted through the media this week. According to the Mirror, Harry Styles dimples are now being offered by surgeons on their plastic surgery lists. Styles has taken over the high demand for procedures to look more like celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Doctors talk about the procedure

The procedure to get dimples like singer Harry Styles is called a dimpleplasty. It is estimated to take about 30 minutes to perfectly replicate the singer's dimples through plastic surgery. Dr. Wright Jones has commented on the trend and has stated that people want the procedure partly because it looks great but also because it takes so little time.

In order to get the perfect dimples, the surgeon must first make an incision inside the patient's mouth.

This creates a defect in the buccinator, the cheek muscle. The cheek muscle is then attached to the undersurface of the skin. This is to ensure that the dimples are seen when these muscles are used and not when the individual's face is relaxed.

It has been revealed that the results of the surgery only last two months. This means that fans who want Styles' dimples will have to receive the surgery every two months. The other option is to get plastic surgery for permanent dimples, but this will cost significantly more.

Neither Harry Styles or the star's representatives have commented on the craze. Fans of the singer have been arriving at plastic surgery offices in high numbers requesting the surgery. According to the Mirror, demand has risen since the release of movie "Dunkirk".