After an almost two-year hiatus, Adult Swim's "Rick and Morty" season 3 finally broke its purge. The long break has raised some valid concerns among the fans, who were already thinking that the animated series might have been already canceled. Fortunately, the first episode aired last April 1, 2017, ironically on April Fool's Day. The fans believed that the creators were trying to send a message across by choosing April Fool's Day to be the premiere date for the season 3 episode. While the fans were already elated to have finally seen the premiere episode, the celebratory mood eventually died down when the air date for episode 3 fell into a vague black hole.

Apparently, the creators and the network hadn't ironed out everything yet, putting all the episodes on hold for an indefinite time. It was only until recently that the showrunners announced a secondary premiere date for "Rick And Morty" season 3, scheduled on July 30, 2017.

Regular programming returns

First, it took two years for season 3 to return to the small screen. Then, when the premiere episode of season 2 aired, it took another two months for the fans to hear about the next episode. To say that season 3 had a lot of bumps in the road is an understatement.

Creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland admitted that it took them a pretty long time to finalize and put together all their ideas for "Rick And Morty" season 3.

However, it appears that they have already ironed out the details and are excited to reveal a better and more exciting season for the fans.

The story behind the April Fool's Day episode

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the "Rick And Morty" season 3 episode that aired on April Fool's Day was meant to be one of the biggest jokes in animation history.

The idea stemmed from no other than Adult Swim's executive vice president, Mike Lazzo.

Initially, Justin Roiland thought the idea was insane. However, Dan Harmon got in on the joke and even took to social media to troll some fans. Harmon and Roiland admitted that they were well aware of the pressure building up while the fans waited for season 3 developments.

Although the April Fool's Day episode certainly caused a lot of confusion and frustration among the fans, it was a pretty good marketing strategy for Adult Swim's popular series. In fact, more and more fans talked about the series and greatly helped in building up the hype for the legit season premiere this July 30.