After a long hiatus, "Rick and Morty" season 3 finally aired its first episode last April. The fans of the animation were elated to finally see their favorite characters once again, debunking all previous reports that the series was on the verge of cancellation. Although the first episode already aired, Adult Swim retained its mysteriousness and had fans guessing when the next episode will be.

Fortunately, several sources have established that the second episode of the animation is set to air in July. Previously, reports were circulating that the creative team is doing their best to finish the second episode by summer.

Waiting a couple of months for the next installment will surely keep the fans on the line again.

Meanwhile, read on for "Rick And Morty" season 3 Episode 2 spoilers.

'Rickmancing The Stone'

According to reports, "Rick And Morty" season 3 episode 2 is entitled "Rickmancing The Stone." The episode will reportedly be patterned after the cult classic movie, "Romancing The Stone."

Spoilers reveal that the episode will be a fun one and is expected to elicit a lot of laughs from viewers. Rick will reportedly be travelling across the country using his RickMobile. Spoilers further reveal that Rick might have a scene where he gets drunk during one of his cross-country adventures.

More funny moments in future episodes

The premiere episode was a truly impressive one and had a lot of viewers laughing with the new skits prepared by the animators. It also gave the viewers a trip down memory lane as it had a lot of scenes that referenced to some of the funniest and unforgettable moments from season 1 and season 2.

Some cameo appearances of characters from Disney's "Gravity Falls" also made the premiere episode more unforgettable. According to reports, for the duration of the 22-minute premiere of "Rick And Morty" season 3, an estimated 205 jokes were reportedly thrown out in the open.

This has raised some observations from the viewers that Adult Swim might be rebranding the popular animated sitcom into less of a satire show and more of a comedy series.

Schedule for the next episode

As this time, Adult Swim has yet to give a specific air date for the next "Rick And Morty" episode. Fans were caught off-guard when ep. 1 came out on April 1 and it is highly expected that Adult Swim might release the next episode around the first week of July.

Are you looking forward to the next episode of "Rick and Morty"?