Billy and Cane are step-brothers on "The Young and the Restless" who have a sibling rivalry that runs deep. Jill made it worse when she hired them both to work with Victoria at Brash & Sassy. Cane became resentful, believing that Victoria showed favoritism towards her ex-husband. He began doing all he could to make Billy look like a screw-up. Billy would have a counter attack, and their actions bring to mind Cain And Abel in the Bible.

The Tokyo deal got Cane more than he bargained for

Cane wanted to make himself seem invaluable to Victoria so he pushed for the deal in Tokyo.

Once it was sealed, he and Juliet Helton celebrated by drinking sake. Cane was so drunk he only had Ms. Helton's word that they slept together. When Juliet was hired to work with him at Brash & Sassy in Genoa City, Cane asked her to keep quiet about their one-night stand.

You would think with such a big secret, Cane would be minding his business, but instead he decided to make his step-brother look bad to his ex-wife. Billy began dating Phyllis again, but they were not yet ready to make it public. Cane found out by reading an email on his step-brother's telephone that Phyllis asked Billy to meet her in the elevator. Cane made sure that Victoria was standing in front of the elevator door when it opened, and she saw Billy and Phyllis kissing.

Cane felt that Billy had an unfair advantage because Victoria had been married to him, and he is the father of her children. Cane's insecurities caused him to nit pick and put Billy down while they were working. Cane let his guard down in Tokyo, and now a paternity test indicates that he is the father of Ms. Helton's unborn child.

The Cain and Abel feud

Cane has continued to keep the Cain and Abel feud going by thinking up ways to annihilate his step-brother. When the Brash & Sassy crew went to Hollywood, Cane paid Jesse not to edit the footage of Billy discussing betting with the hockey players. He then told Juliet to run the tape without viewing it.

The idea was to get Billy fired when the tape aired, but Juliet was fired instead. This caused Juliet to name Cane in a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company.

Everything Cane desired to happen blew up in his face. Billy has been smirking behind the scenes and getting closer to Victoria. And now spoiler alerts indicate that he will learn the secret. Jesse is going to tell Billy that Cane is the reason everyone saw the footage of him joking about gambling with the hockey players.

Jesse is going to tell Billy that Cane is the reason everyone saw the footage of him joking about gambling with the hockey players. And of course, Billy will retaliate and the feud will continue. Cane will be in the dog house with everyone he knows when this latest truth is revealed. Keep watching "The Young and the Restless" to see what the feuding brothers will get into next.