Finally, fans have a Release Date for “Rick and Morty season 3 Episode 2. Adult Swim announced the return of the series at the end of July.

When does the show return?

The animated series will return to screens on July 30, 2017. Adult Swim dropped the release date on June 29 when the network debuted the trailer for the new season. The announcement came at the end of the video (see below). Fans should tune into the show at 11:30 p.m. to see the new episode.

What is Episode 2 about?

"Rick and Morty" Season 3 Episode 2 is called “Rickmancing the Stone,” which according to speculations is a play on the classic adventure film “Romancing the Stone.” There is no synopsis yet for the upcoming episode, although fans believe the plot is inspired from the movie.

It is supposedly likely that it features a new romantic interest for Morty and another adventure for the titular characters.

Fans may see the pair on a jungle adventure to save Summer. This is akin to what happens in the 1980s film, where a young Michael Douglas plays as a mercenary hired by a female novelist to rescue her sister. Together they use a treasure map that leads them to a jungle and to a treasure. The pair eventually falls in love along the way.

What else can fans expect when the show returns?

Expect Rick to turn into a pickle when the series resumes on July 30. This was already confirmed back on April 1, when the premiere episode rolled out. Likewise, the trailer for Season 3 gave a preview on the scientist’s escapades as the green vegetable.

The trailer opened with Morty at his grandfather’s garage and he hears the latter’s voice call out to him. The man proudly announces that he has turned himself into a pickle or into Pickle Rick. Going into the preview fans can see some of his (mis) adventures as the pickle. Rick manages to create arms and legs for himself and he goes around killing rats with gusto.

Will Evil Morty appear?

There are speculations that the eye-patched Morty will make a cameo when the show returns. This has yet to be confirmed, although showrunner and voice actor Justin Roiland hinted as such. He shared a concept art for the new season, which shows Rick with three versions of his grandson. The Morty on the ground bears a resemblance to Evil Morty probably because of the mischievous look on his face.

Likewise, one of the show’s writers, Ryan Ridley, hinted at the appearance of Evil Morty in an interview with Y Combinator. He acknowledged fans’ interest to see the character again and talked about the character’s importance to the story. “In [‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3] I think that we stay true to the idea of those, the world is real, there are consequences,” Ridley said.