Rick and Mortyseason 3 may see the return of Evil Morty in future episodes. Co-showrunner Justin Roiland and writer Ryan Ridley hinted at the character's appearance amid speculations that Evil Morty appears in Episode 2, "Rickmancing the Stone."

This Evil Morty tease from Justin Roiland is spot-on!

Roiland, who also voices Rick, may have hinted at the return of the character in “Rick and Morty “Season 3 through a concept art. The image shows Rick with three versions of his grandson. Avid fans of the Adult Swim series can pretty much tell the difference between the three boys.

The one standing is clearly the mainstream Morty from Dimension C-137, as indicative of his anxious look. The boy on Rick’s lap could be one of the Morty's from the Citadel of Ricks, while the one on the ground looks like the evil version, because of the mischievous expression on his face. The only thing missing is the character’s trademark eye patch.

Coincidentally, one of the writers for the series also hinted at the return of Evil Morty. Ryan Ridley told Y Combinator in a recent interview that they plan to bring the character back. “In season three I think that we stay true to the idea of those, the world is real, there are consequences," Ridley said when asked about the character's return to the show.

When will Evil Morty appear?

While the character's return has yet to be confirmed, there are speculations that Evil Morty could appear soon in Episode 2, "Rickmancing the Stone."

YouTube user Regis P pointed out one scene from the premiere episode of "Rick and Morty" Season 3 that hints at his appearance (see video below).

If you listen closely to the voices in the background, you can clearly hear Morty say, "He who controls the pants controls the galaxy." This statement is unlikely to come from the good grandson but it could from his evil counterpart.

Likewise, there are theories that claim good Morty himself might turn evil. His transformation reportedly happens because of his conflict with Rick.

Morty turns against his grandfather after the latter admitted in the premiere episode that it was his plan all along to have Beth and Jerry divorce. Not to mention that he could have killed Rick too had the scientist not given him a fake gun.

When will the show return with Episode 2, 'Rickmancing the Stone'?

While fans await confirmation that Evil Morty does appear, the showrunners also continue to remain mum on the return of “Rick and Morty” Season 3. The only assurance is that the show returns this summer, so that is sometime between June and August.

There are speculations though that it could air in July, as with previous seasons. Perhaps creator Dan Harmon will surprise fans again with the show's return, just like what he did with the premiere when he released it unannounced on April 1. Harmon aired the episode "Rickshank Rickdemption" after a fan made the request on Twitter.