Adele shared in an official statement on Friday that she will no longer be able to perform her last two concerts at Wembley Stadium in London. The singer revealed that she had her vocal cords damaged and her doctor advised her to take a rest. Hence, she has to cancel her shows for the meantime.

In line with this, her fans united and showed their Love And Support for the Grammy-award winning singer. Following her cancellation news, hundreds of Adele's fans went to the Wembley Stadium on Saturday and took their part as they sing Adele's most famous tracks.

A report from Entertainment Online also confirmed that some of her fans also performed her songs online as their way of showing support to the singer.

#SingforAdele trended on Twitter

Adele became emotional as she made her announcement last week. However, she cannot do otherwise but to forced cancel the show in order to address her health issues. Meanwhile, despite the sad news, Adele's fans did everything to make her happy in a view to make her feel that she has been loved and supported.

Numbers of photos and videos of Adele's fans surfaced online as they sing the famous soundtracks of the singer. Further, the hashtag #SingforAdele has also trended on Twitter. One of her fans also posted, "Adele can't sing for us, but we can sing for her."

Without a doubt, the Grammy-award winning singer is being loved most by her fans.

To recall, the 29-yeard old British singer had 123 performances which became one of the reasons of her vocal cords' damage. Meanwhile, despite the show's cancellation, Adele also added that they would issue refunds to the concert goers if the concert will never be rescheduled again.

The 'Hello' Tour

Adele felt a lot devastated upon learning that she won't be able to perform her last two shows.

In one of her statements, the chart-topping singer added that being heartbroken is only an understatement. Her "Hello" world tour made her performed more than hundreds of her shows. Hence, she felt sad that she can no longer do it for the last two more.

She further added that not completing her last two shows is, in fact, a struggle over her head over her career.

She once also thought of lip-syncing; however, she added that she had never done it to her fans and she won't do it in a million years just for the sake of performing.

Her Wembley performance is supposed to mark an end of her 15-month tour all the way from Europe, United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Adele also shared that she wanted to have her last performance at her home.