Fans are still waiting for any concrete updates regarding the release date of “Rick and Mortyseason 3 Episode 2. Speculations point to the show returning in July with an episode that shows the titular characters on a mission to save Summer as a nod to the classic movie “Romancing the Stone.”

Show returns this summer

The creators have not specified a release date yet for the new episode. If the showrunners follow the same timeframe as with the previous season, then it is likely that the show returns in July. Season 2 premiered on July 26, 2015, and ended on Oct.


Dan Harmon explains the delay

Co-creator Dan Harmon recently explained why the show's return is delayed. He denied rumors of conflict between himself and Justin Roiland as the cause of the delay. Instead, he attributed the importance of the installment as the reason. Harmon sent a series of tweets to pacify fans that the show is not ending with Season 3 and to ask for more patience.

What is the upcoming episode about?

The title, “Rickmancing the Stone,” hints at the storyline.

The episode is said to be a play at the 1980s adventure movie “Romancing the Stone.” It is common knowledge among fans that the series tends to refer to film titles in their episodes, like “Rickshank Rickdemption”, a nod to “Shawshank Redemption.”

According to Inverse, Episode 2 could involve the titular characters on a jungle adventure to rescue Summer.

Along the way, they chance upon a valuable gem and a girl, whom the teenager possibly falls in love with. It is unlikely that the scientist finds a new girlfriend since he has been very vocal about love. So far he has not been successful in his relationships, the last one (Unity) left him.

This possible storyline for "Rick and Morty" Season 3 Episode 2 is in keeping with "Romancing the Stone," which follows a mercenary (Michael Douglas) and a novelist (Kathleen Turner) on a mission to Columbia to save the latter’s sister.

They use a treasure map that leads them to a treasure. They also eventually fell in love along the way.

What else could happen in “Rick and Morty” Season 3 Episode 2?

It is also likely that “Rickmancing the Stone” will expound on the conflict between the lead characters, which was hinted in Episode 1. There are speculations that the boy turns against his grandfather for allowing Beth and Jerry to divorce. Morty felt betrayed when he learned that the scientist planned his parents’ divorce. Fans may also remember that he intended to kill Rick.