When "Once Upon a Time" fans learned that Jennifer Morrison was leaving the show as a series regular, they wondered about Hook. Was it really possible for Hook to go on without the woman who made him a better man? With the way season 6 finished, fans then feared that they would never find out just how Emma and Hook separated. It turns out they don't have to worry for too long.

Not only will Emma appear in an episode to tell the story, but so will the Charmings. At least, that's something Edward Katsis, executive producer of the show, stated. What came before certainly matters in the new storyline with the new characters.

Emma Swan will get one episode

Morrison will appear in at least one episode of "OUaT" season 7, as that is all she's agreed to right now. She may change her mind in the future, should her schedule allow. That episode she appears in will be the second episode of Season 7. The episode is titled "A Pirate's Life" and it will explain what happened between the soulmates. The idea of the episode is to completely wrap up the character, so, could that mean Emma is killed off in the end? Will Hook and Emma have children together? We will have to wait for the new season to find out.

Katsis and Adam Horowitz (the other show-runner) were in agreement about Emma returning. Only Katsis shared details about the Charmings.

Fans wanted to know if Snow and Prince Charming would appear, and Katsis said that he would have been extremely disappointed if that didn't happen. He then stated a resounding "yes" to the question, meaning that Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are returning for an episode to wrap their characters.

You've not wasted six years watching 'OUaT'

There is a feeling of time being wasted watching "Once Upon a Time" for six years. The seventh season will see a complete reboot, rather than just ending the series.

With Hook remaining and others leaving, it can seem like all the stories and cheering for character successes has been a waste of time. That's not something the show-runners want fans to feel, which is why the story wrap-ups are so important.

The wrapping of stories will also help to introduce some of the new characters. There are plenty of new faces, but only one character has been confirmed. Cinderella will be played by Dania Ramirez, and it turns out that she will be Lucy's sister and partner to Henry. Fans will also see a teenage Henry mature into the adult that was seen at the very end of season 6.