Fans are understandably desperate to find out more about "Once Upon a Time" Season 7. The season 6 finale felt like a series finale, setting up a future without Emma Swan, the Charmings, or the Wicked Witch of the West. Even Henry has grown into an adult and has a daughter of his own. There are plenty of speculations about the future, but information is being released a tiny bit at a time.

It turns out that Adam Horowitz has a great reason for holding back. He believes that it's just too soon to share a lot about "OUAT" season 7. However, he will give out snippets now and then.

Is it really too soon?

There are still three months to go

"Once Upon a Time" returns to ABC on October 6. Yes, it's a Friday night, but more importantly, it is less than three months away. This certainly would be too soon to share lots of details about the upcoming season. However, we are getting small doses of information, including the fact that Cinderella is going to get a new face. It turns out that this Cinderella is not going to be the same version that we saw in seasons 1-6. That Ella's story is over.

Releasing a little bit of information at a time makes sense. After all, the series will be in writing and filming mode. There won't be much that Horowtiz and co. can share. A little patience is needed.

Watch out for the fake news

As with any show, there will be fake news making the rounds. "Grey's Anatomy" fans recently got a scare after the hashtag #GreysAnatomyCanceled started making the rounds on Twitter.

Fans need to watch out for any "Once Upon a Time" rumors. Make sure to check with the official Twitter page of the show, as this is where the updated information will be shared.

Horowitz isn't entirely silent on the topic. Watch out for the odd drop of new information on Twitter and Instragram. He shared the names of the new cast members joining the show and the front page of the season 7 premiere and second episode.

It turns out that the first scene will be in Storybrooke and the title of the episode will be "Hyperion Heights." The second episode is titled "A Pirates Life." There isn't a lot that fans can take from that, except that gaps will be filled.

"Once Upon a Time" season 7 will see some major changes. Six cast members have said goodbye, although it turns out that some will be back for at least one episode next season. The show is getting a complete reset, which is why so many fans need answers right now. Be patient. They will come over the next two and a half months or so.