Season 13 of "The Bachelorette" has only a few more episodes before the season comes to an end. The public already knows that Rachel Lindsay is engaged, but no one knows who she gave the final rose to. What viewers know at this point is that it is one of the four men who are still on the show.

Firsts this season

Fans are still impressed with this season's show because of the history associated with it. They love to point out how Rachel's season has been quite different from other seasons. While some things are the same, there have been some obvious differences surrounding the show from the very beginning.

The first difference is that Rachel is the very first black person to be the lead of "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" franchise. The 32-year-old Dallas attorney was selected to be the next bachelorette while she was still a contestant on "The Bachelor" during Nick Vialle's season. In fact, Rachel made it to the final three. Rachel was introduced as the next bachelorette on Vialle's Final Rose ceremony. Not only that, but she met several of her suitors before the show began. Those two things were firsts in the history of the two shows.

Rachel is the first person from both shows to announce that she is already engaged. That takes away some of the surprise. Some shows didn't end in engagements, but fans know Rachel's season did.

In fact, viewers knew she was engaged before the first episode aired on May 22. The announcement of her engagement came on May 18.

Who did she select?

Fans are trying to figure out which of the final four she selected. If she chose someone other than Eric, it will be the first interracial engagement of the show's history.

Rachel acknowledged that her season has been one of many firsts.

She pointed out that she had the most diverse cast of contestants. At 32, she believes she is the oldest contestant. Even though Rachel says she is in love and happily engaged, she believes that if she were to be engaged to Eric -- who is also black -- her white fans may be angry and judgmental. If she is engaged to any of one of the other men who are white, then her black fans may be angry.

Rachel said race has never mattered to her when it comes to dating.

Watch the exciting finale of Season 13 of "The Bachelorette" on Monday, August 7, 2017. There have been many speculations, but viewers will find out for sure who stole Rachel's heart and who she is engaged to.

Have you noticed any other firsts in Rachel's season?