There were a number of shocking moments in the 2017 renewals and cancellations for television. Networks cut some popular shows, while never even giving freshman shows a chance. There were renewal expectations that turned into losses for loyal fans. Yet some shows that should have been canceled a long time ago made it through for another year. Here's a look at four TV shows from 2017 that should have been canceled.

'Criminal Minds'

While there are still plenty of fans, there is no denying that "Criminal Minds" has lost the spark it once had. Maybe it didn't help that there was some controversy surrounding the show when it came back in fall 2016.

It was only towards the end of season 12 that "Criminal Minds" became interesting again, and that was only because fans worried about Spencer Reid's future. Now that his name is cleared, there doesn't seem to be a way forward. This show is one that didn't need to come back for another year.


NBC made some horrible decisions this year. One of those was to cancel "Chicago Justice" but keep "Taken" on the air. This doesn't make any sense considering "Taken" had lower ratings throughout its run. There are also too many other shows like it on the air. Let's not forget the real life horror stories that are happening right now. There is no need for yet another crime show.

'Once Upon a Time'

As a "Once Upon a Time" fan it pains me to say this, but this show should have been canceled.

The season 6 finale would have made the perfect series finale. Everyone got their happy ending and the fairy tale wrapped up. Even the idea of another story starting wouldn't have been too bad. Now we have "Once Upon a Time" season 7 with no Emma to go with Hook and no Snow and Charming. To make matters worse, ABC is moving the show to a Friday night!


"Quantico" is another show that had a perfect series finale. The team managed to stop the Collaborators and Alex and Ryan went off on their happily ever after plane ride. With a declining viewership, it would have made sense for ABC to pull the plug on the FBI drama. There are plenty of other similar shows, including a few new ones.

It doesn't make sense to bring this back, especially as a shorter, midseason show.

There are so many other shows that deserved another chance. The networks didn't support some of the shows with excellent potential but put their focus in those that are just like all the rest. It wouldn't be that surprising if the top four shows didn't make it through to fall 2018.