Nikki Newman is a recovering alcoholic who is repeating past destructive patterns. She believes she is new and improved and finally free of her dominating spouse, and about to embark on a wonderful fulfilling Victor-free future. Ms. Newman, however, is living in a fantasy world and is fooling no one but herself. She is probably the only resident in Genoa city who believes she will succeed.

Nikki repeats the past over and over again

For decades fans of "The Young and the Restless" have watched Nikki Newman break up with her husband and determine to live a Victor free life.

Sometimes she takes on a lover or even remarries, but it never lasts.This past week those living in Genoa City are once again dealing with the declarations of freedom from Victor.As a recovering alcoholic Nikki should be able to see that she is repeating the past, and take the proper steps to break the cycle.

When Abby caught her step mother kissing her uncle Jack, Nikki walked by with a smug look on her face and a twist in her hips. She believes she is free of the man she has loved for more than three decades. It brings to mind a church song where the lyrics are: "I'm free to praise the Lord I'm free. No longer bound, no chains is holding me." Nikki believes this time, as she has done in the past that she is finally over Victor and free of the ties that bind them.

She is destined to do what she has always done.

The Newmans have a soul tie

In addition to 30 plus years of on again off again, romance and marriage Victor and Nikki have two children together. They have built a life with each other and shared many ups and downs. Victor, however, continues to do dastardly things to his loved ones.

He manipulates and tries to bend them to his will. A few years ago he kidnapped Jack and replaced him with a look alike. Most recently Victor had Chloe released from a mental facility, and it led to the death of his son Adam. These last two are the final straw in his wife's mind.

Nikki has told her children as well as Jack that she is embarking on a new Victor free life.Just like in times past Mrs.

Newman desires to prove to others that she is breaking away from her husband's misdeeds. Viewers of "The Young and the Restless" will soon see that she is unable to stop her destructive patterns and will fall back into past behavior. Nikki may date and even remarry; Victor could do the same as they have been down this path before. Eventually, they will find their way back to each other, and the dysfunctional cycle will begin again.