It has been nearly three weeks since Jill Duggar gave birth to her second child. She announced she was pregnant last year shortly after Jinger Duggar tied the knot. Jill and Derick then announced they were be having a boy at the beginning of 2017. Fans weren't given a precise due date but began baby watch at the beginning of July. On the 8th, Jill Duggar welcomed Samuel Scott into the world via a c-section after 40 hours of labor.

Jill's health questioned

After the traumatic birth with Israel that ended in an emergency c-section, there were some concerns over Jill Duggar wanting a vaginal home birth.

Talk leading up to the event was mostly out of concern for the young mom who had just returned home from Central America with her toddler and husband. After it was announced the baby had arrived, fans immediately began questioning whether or not Jill Duggar was well. Derick had posted the initial announcement of the baby's arrival and shortly after, shared a photo of him hooked up to devices. This sparked the curiosity of people around the world, wondering if Samuel was sick as well.

Just yesterday, Jill Duggar shared a new photo of Samuel Scott in a cute little outfit. According to Us Weekly, Jill has not given a health update since the little guy was born. While she is clearly home from the hospital, there has been no statement issued for those who have been worried about her.

Once photo since the birth has been shown, but it didn't appear that Jill was looking her best. Aside from the lack of sleep, there appeared to be an underlying issue.

The future children

It has been said over and over that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard want to have a large family. There has been some concern for Duggar as she has now had two c-sections.

After a number of them, most doctors won't recommend more pregnancies. The couple has not addressed this yet, but it is expected to be talked about on the upcoming season of "Counting On." The show was picked up for another season amid the birth of Samuel Scott Dillard and the announcement of Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell's wedding.

The Duggar children have so much to look forward to. Jill Duggar has always been focused on living her life like her mom, which now may not happen. Fans are hoping she is adjusting well to the second surgery and the new addition. As the days pass, they are hopeful she will give a health update and share many more photos of her growing family.